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“Execution is a specific set of behaviours and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage. It’s a discipline of its own.”

– Larry Bossidy, RAM Charan

Raymond Gould

Consultative and Analysis Firm

The Missing Link – Execution

The Missing Link is a full-service business consultative and analysis firm that is able to provide a third party perspective on what is preventing entities from reaching their true potential.

Through strategy execution, creating strategic plans, and curating operating plans custom tailored to each and every business, the Missing Link isolates and fixes the missing component of success for operations in every industry today.

About Us

Our Founder – Ray Gould.

Ray believes that business is more than a professional endeavor – he believes that in order for firms to maximize their potential, they need to hone in on their current systems and creativity through tangible programs and initiatives. That’s why he’s been working as a business analyst, consultant, and strategist for nearly half of his life. He’s execution is the Missing Link.

Our Services

Business Success

Executing & Achieving Business Success

How do you translate key initiatives into business success? Execution is a specific set of behaviors and techniques that companies need to master to have a competitive advantage. That’s where we begin here at the Missing Link.

Direction and Purpose

Moving Forward with Direction & Purpose

With that plan, we move forward with direction and purpose. We ensure that clarity is part of every step, so that no time and energy are wasted in the process. We look at the fundamental importance of adapting to an emerging future, as well as the strategic thinking you will leverage along the way.

Operational Plan

Building the
Operational Plan

Lastly, we look at how you are going to carve out your competitive advantage niche that will matter today and 10-years from now. You have limited time and funds to invest, so how do you reach your end goal?

Our Mission

To provide execution organization advisement to all interested companies and businesses, helping them to successfully achieve their desired outcomes now and in the future.

Our Works

A Large Corporate Division with a Diverse Service Offering

At this particular organisation, a large corporate division with a diverse service offering struggled to realise…

A Mid-Market Professional Services Firm

When it comes to today’s businesses, making a small shift is tricky, but making a big change is even harder…

The Downturn of a Major Firm

It’s safe to say that every dollar is not exactly guaranteed to be a good dollar. With this particular client, they were a major…

Our Insites



We have spent the past two years under the tutelage of Ray in our Company. We have enjoyed the time we spent with him and feel that we have gained tremendous insights into parts of business management which we have until now, left untended.

I believe that the teaching he has done has empowered us to take greater control of our business and to better analyse and maximize the profitability of it.

Ray has been an excellent teacher and has handled us and all of our staff in a very professional manner. We have enjoyed the time together and look forward to seeing the fruits of his teaching. We certainly would recommend Ray and his service to anybody who wants to gain control of their company.

Steven Nunn
Managing Partner, APAC
Carlyle Kingswood Global

Over the last two and a half years, I have been in the process of building two start-up businesses.

Building one start-up business is a significant challenge. As you can imagine building two is even a greater challenge. Ray’s offer of support was gratefully accepted.

Ray is a highly experienced business professional able to apply his depth of experience to all business issues. He has provided me with guidance and support across all facets of the development of the business and has been an excellent sounding board.

Through his experience and knowledge across a range of service industries, he can provide thoughtful strategic insight and recommend unique approaches to solve business challenges. He has that ability to see straight to the heart of an issue and then articulate and recommend the best approach to solve it.

He has made a significant contribution willing to invest his time into the start-up process.

Due to his ability and outstanding business acumen and strategic input, I have appointed Ray as Chairman of my advisory board.

Anyone working with Ray will be working with an outstanding business consultant. I confidently recommend his professional advice. If you work with him, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands. I will continue to work with Ray to support me with the growth of my two start-up enterprises.

Sharon Mackie Goh
Chief Executive
Your New Gig & Colarity

“Execution is a discipline, and integral to strategy”. – Peter Drucher

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