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A Large Corporate Division with a Diverse Service Offering

Jun 18, 2019Examples0 comments

“The Right People, in the Right Roles, Doing the Right Things.”

The Problem

At this particular organisation, a large corporate division with a diverse service offering struggled to realise and understand the holistic benefits they could provide to their clients. Due to the nature of the business itself, relationships have been made with clients, but these relationships have grown too shallow, leaving little left for the client or the organisation to benefit from.

Each service line was merely completing their offering with a complete lack of an understanding of true client engagement. Coupled with each area operating as silos, a comprehensive service offering to clients was not being delivered. The organisation was structured around the operational components and client interface was minimal.

The Approach

Our approach began with cultural change. As we knew that our client needed a set of processes and collective interaction mechanisms that could work to change beliefs and behaviours within their organisation, we set out to improve the level of communication and transparency all across the board. We looked to foster open discussion and interaction between staff members, and we appointed leaders to identify and exemplify a success model for the groups.

From there, we looked to change the client’s capability by increasing client engagement, improving internal systems and processes and increasing service by building well-rounded teams with all of the required skill sets to form an effective collaborative effort. Not only did this allow the organisation to target their clients better, but it paved the way for a tremendous reduction in process staff and an increase in service staff who were standing at the ready to connect with clients.

The Solution

One of the most critical pieces of information to take into account lies in how we defined the word “strategy.” We wanted to move our client away from the idea of doing something and instead, move it more towards the idea of solving a problem. So, we began to look at this client in the sense of “what problem(s) of their clients do their services solve?”

The key to a successful client engagement strategy is ensuring that it is driven by the right people, in the right roles, with the necessary resources to do the right things.

First, we looked to establish the real needs of this organisation’s target market. We understood that their service offerings were diverse and robust, but we needed to determine the best ways to deliver those services.

We knew that we needed to change people’s beliefs, behaviours, and collaboration efforts to help our client increase their understanding and their appreciation of the value being offered to their clients.

There was a reason for why this organisation struggled with their client engagement – and it was mostly because their current organisational structure and culture were not optimised to offer these services most efficiently and effectively – ultimately leaving their client engagement at a low point.

We wanted to find a way to instil real culture change through a process-driven focus on client engagement that worked to highlight their variety of service offerings without leaving relationships to the wayside. We saw that it was possible to ensure that their business units could work together to achieve a better result, and we wanted to foster a new team-building strategy to create closer collaboration between employees and their clients.

The Takeaways

From this case study, we helped our client achieve a whopping 67% increase in client satisfaction, and we tripled their net promoter score to 27. Increased client engagement resulted in an increase of inflows for our client in a declining market. We created a 10% increase in revenue and an 18% increase in profits, and we expanded their business into new growth areas.

By working to develop a clear understanding of our client’s needs, as well as identifying prime opportunities for growth, we helped our client achieve their business goals while also growing their connection with the customers and clients whom they continuously target, but were missing the mark on significantly.