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A Mid-Market Professional Services Firm

Jun 18, 2019Examples0 comments

Executing & Implementing A Successful Change Strategy

“Capability: Culture, Leadership, People, Systems & Processes”

The Problem

When it comes to today’s businesses, making a small shift is tricky, but making a big change is even harder. Many businesses aren’t equipped to execute and implement a change in direction or new strategy.

For any organisation to make changes, it needs to ensure it has the appropriate capability to execute on its strategy successfully. Changes will always need to be made to the capability platform.

With no defined and acknowledge strategy, decision-making has no context. This is compounded when leadership has no experience or knowledge of how businesses operate. As the profession changed, this firm “missed the boat”.

The biggest issue lived in the fact that those that wanted to lead the organisation did not have a clearly defined change strategy. This left their workforce to assume that any decisions that were made in regards to the day-to-day operations were made randomly; ultimately, this caused the workforce to disregard any changes that leadership would try to implement.

Significantly there was no definition of success acceptable for a firm of this size and position in the market place.

The Solution

Evolving the capability platform in the areas of culture, leadership and people is an essential component of the execution process.

We identified silos within the organisation, so our solution included developing group purposeful processes to support the change process. Most importantly, it was about building acceptance and buy-in from the entire organisation because, without it, execution and implementation would never be able to occur.

Recognising and appointing leaders capable of being change agents was a significant component of changes to the capability platform.

We wanted to be clear about the direction of the bus, but also be respectful of those who wanted to get off. Our goal was to change the culture to one of performance, competitiveness and focus, to redefine what it means to be successful, to implement a rewards system for performance and to provide more follow through and support throughout the organisation.

The Approach

We worked to develop a strategy that would define the direction of the business, define the critical success factors necessary to reach the intended destination and to define the new capability platform for the organisation that would work to achieve their competitive advantage.

In professional services firms, the people with the right attitude and a firm’s culture appropriate for the strategy are key criteria of a successful firm. The execution processes that we implemented were tailored to take these things into account.

For us to assist this organisation through their change process, we worked to identify the building blocks required to achieve complete acceptance and buy-in from the staff. Also, we knew that we needed buy-in to help us achieve the future positioning of the organisation as envisioned by the leadership group.

To accomplish this, we planned to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the people, so that everyone was aware of the destination and every stop along the way – this would be followed to the detail.

Furthermore, we wanted to place a larger emphasis on the leadership group. It was necessary to evaluate and pick the leaders, providing them with direct support and a process of group interaction between the leaders working together collaboratively, benefiting the whole organisation.

We required leadership to set goals and priorities that the entire team could grasp and understand to provide one on one support for the leaders’ development. It was essential also to recruit skilled internal backing to assist the organisation comprehensively throughout the change process.

The Takeaways

Through our approach, we were able to assist the firm to generate a substantial improvement in financial performance. Our client’s revenue doubled within approximately five years also achieved for our client a 200% increase in profit per partner and a 25% increase in productivity.

All in all, we focused on defining a path for the people – an operating plan.

  • We instilled a new firm culture that was based on stronger support from leadership,
  • We designed clearly defined parameters for success,
  • Developed a stronger operational capability platform,

The execution system was structured to ensure that our client was strategically positioned to successfully navigate change and continue to maintain sustainable growth and their sustainable competitive advantage after a change was implemented.